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Hyper-grow your business with 10+ new warm leads in your 1st month or your money back

Find out how we leverage AI to book you appointments with targeted warm leads
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^Our Calendar Before vs After Implementing our powerful client-aquisition system
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We connect you with your perfect business

It's really that simple. You tell us who your perfect business is. We find them. 


We help fill your calendar with hyper-targeted clients and manage your inbox setup, lead list selection, copy, and responses. Pay us only when we provide you with high-quality meetings.

How We Help

Our Approach

Targeting Your Perfect Client

You will describe WHO your ideal client is to us (ie Niche, Experience, Revenue, Location, etc.) and we will handle the rest!


We will scrape a list of all leads matching the perfect profile and hand select only the most hyper-targeted clients from that list before moving on. Note that this is an extremely important part of the process if you would like long-term clients and while lucrative, delivers great results.

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Perfecting the Message
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Our experience has found that a perfect offer incorporates two things - enticement & personalization

Our multi-step approach backed by psychology "hooks" the potential client by using an AI powered opening line that is both personal and welcoming.

The next step incorporates your most enticing offer that we will find together.

Filling your Calendar

By far the most rewarding step in our process, as potential clients have now expressed interest and highly qualified meetings have now populated on your calendar.

We will do all the work on this step, from managing responses and booking your calendar to keeping up to date with all potential client needs before we hand them off to you.

Improving The System
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Every successive month working with us is gaurenteed to be better than the last because of this important step.


We will analyze and leverage our best campaigns and strategies we've ran with you to attain a higher volume of ideal client bookings. Our team is there for you 24/7 and wants to succeed with you.

100% satisfaction gaurentee

We are so confident that you will succeed with us that we have instilled a 100% satisfaction guarantee

If you are unhappy with the our services after 90 days we'll refund you the setup fee

Side note: this will never happen

  • Who would our services make sense for?
    Any marketing agency that has the capacity to onboard more clients in a cost-effective way.
  • How much will this cost?
    The cost will depend on several factors of your agency but we understand many services offered are not worth the investment. That's why we get paid with a results-based model.
  • What about no shows/unqualified leads?
    We will never require you to pay for a no show or unqualified lead. Any meeting that does not actually take place will not cost you. All bookings have already been pre-screened to match your ideal client profile.
  • Why do we do this for agencies?
    Specialty. We feel we cannot handle the volume of meetings being booked as an agency and could not provide the appropriate value to clients in regards to advertising. That is why we focus on doing what we know best, outreach.
  • How can I know this will be worthwhile for my agency?
    We get paid based on results, not speculation. We want you to succeed as much as us.
  • How much work will my agency have to do?
    After the 30 minute strategy/onboarding process we will set up the entire system for you and qualified leads will begin to populate your calendar in no time.

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